Monday, December 27, 2010

3rd Generation Kindle - Best Selling item on Amazon

 As you may have heard, since the story has created a lot of buzz, The Kindle has become the best selling item on Amazon. I'm not surprised. When the iPad came out, a lot of people in the media said it would kill the Kindle. The Kindle's in black & white. The iPad is in color and has a lot of bells and whistles. Well, let me tell you my reasons why the Kindle didn't go down in flames, and how it continues to sell like gangbusters.

First of all, it's simple. It's designed for readers who want to read. It isn't designed for gadget lovers who occasionally might like to look at a book. It has no distractions from reading. Even though I have the Kindle app on my phone and my computer, I rarely use it there. There are too many distractions. When I want to read, I pick up my Kindle or a book. As a librarian, I read a lot. But there are still many digital distractions out there, so when I sit down to read, I don't need to have any other applications at my fingertips.

Second, the design is beautiful. And I'm not just referring to the gorgeous leather cover I put on mine (See Oberon Design for this gorgeous butterfly design, as well as tons more!). The buttons are where they need to be to turn the pages. The highlighting feature is simple and works. The ability to read outside in daylight is awesome. Amazon also went one step further when they added the "collections" feature. Now I really can put as many books on there as I want, because it's organized. It's compact, light and frankly just perfect.

Another reason I think Amazon has sold so many Kindles is in the demand in the education market. I've read countless articles about how it's being used all over the world as an e-reader in schools. The changeable font size and the ability to upload PDFs are just two of the many reasons why it's helping educators. Textbooks are so expensive. E-readers will be the future mode of delivering information in education.

I continue to adore my Kindle simply because I don't need color, Internet browsing or apps to read a book. I need a device that allows me to carry as many books as I want with me and lets me read them easily. And Kindle does it for me!

Update: One aspect of the Kindle that I actually like better than when reading a book is the changeable font size. Last night while reading a book, I noticed that it had a particularly small font. I reached to enlarge the font and realized that, ahem, I was reading a book and not my Kindle! I hadn't realized how much I would rely on that feature!