Thursday, November 11, 2010


When I first heard about this book last month during Book Fair, all I could think was...what a bizarre title. Then it was named to the Bluebonnet Award nominees list, so I decided to read it. It's quite surprising!

It's about a quirky, sometimes wise, sometimes baffling 6th grader named Dwight. He's always done some strange things, but now he begins carrying around an Origami Yoda  that he created himself. People ask the Yoda questions (while Dwight holds him up on his finger), and Yoda answers.
The surprising thing is that most of the time his answers are spot on.

Fellow classmates, Tommy and Harvey, decide to study this Origami Yoda and determine whether he's the real thing or a fake that Dwight has created. The book is organized with a different student narrating each different chapter, each of which are case studies. Each chapter end with comments at the end by Tommy and Harvey. Tommy makes arguments that Origami Yoda is real, while Harvey insists that Origami Yoda is a fake.

I laughed out loud many times! This is a fun novel that has an uncanny insight into the minds of sixth graders! Check out the author's website here, for so much more Origami Yoda fun stuff & details about the sequel!