Friday, November 26, 2010

Melissa de la Cruz. MISGUIDED ANGEL

If you like suspense, action, history, richness and mystery in your novels, you will not be able to put down this installment of the BLUE BLOODS saga.

MISGUIDED ANGEL begins with Schuyler and Jack plotting their escape from the Countess who had given them safe haven in the last book. Safe haven and protection had evolved into imprisonment. Although the Countess afforded them every luxury, she also didn't allow any freedom. Schuyler and Jack want to leave and continue their hunt for Gate of Promise.

Meanwhile back in New York, Mimi is suffering the dual emotions of mourning over Kinglsy and fiery revenge against Jack. To make things more complicated for her, she's been named Regis. The disappearance of Lawrence left the Conclave no choice. Just as Mimi takes on the role, her leadership is tested. She's sent a recording of a captured vampire with the threat of burning her alive. The abductors threaten the conspiracy and the very existence of vampires.

A new character is introduced- a Venator from Shanghai, Deming Chan. She's intriguing and I liked the relationship she formed with Mimi. In each book, I begin to like Mimi more and more. The more you learn about her, the more you understand her. Anyway, I'm thrilled that it appears Deming will be continuing on in the next book.

This series gets richer with each installment. When I finished this one, I remember how I felt after the first book. I knew it would be good, but I had no idea the depths the story would reach. I really love it! I'm attached to the characters. I hate being left hanging at the end, but that's certainly the best way to keep us wanting more!

Also, a few points about sequels and (not) remembering what happened previously. I like the way that the author gave us what we needed to remember important points from previous books withougt going into the long narratives you can get sometimes with other books. Although, there were still a few things that I wished I remembered better. Many characters have multiple names because of the reincarnation cycles. So, I would really love it if someone would write a book with all the characters lineage, multiple names and the major plot points summed up quickly. Some type of a BLUE BLOODS reference book or website would be nice. (I guess maybe someone could flesh out the Wikipedia entry...). But really, I'm just a curious librarian, so I want all the details of everything for further pondering. Don't get me wrong - my little questions didn't hamper my full enjoyment of the book, at all! I loved it!

As you may remember, I had the honor of interviewing the author, Melissa de la Cruz for the release of the previous book in the series. Go here to check it out. I've reviewed the previous books too. Go here for those. And here for the author's website.

Finally, here's the trailer for a brief taste of the book: