Wednesday, November 24, 2010


This sequel to SCHOOL OF FEAR is just as wonderful as the first book. Mrs. Wellington requests the presence of Madeline, Theo, Lulu and Garrison for another summer at School of Fear. She discovered that each of them has secretly regressed and need a follow up session.

The students are disappointed to learn that a fifth student will be joining them. The young girl's name is Hyacinth, and she brings her pet ferret, Celery, with her to the mansion. Hyacinth's fear is being alone, which causes her to be very clingy. Once she grabs someone's hand, she does not let go. Plus, she creates annoying nicknames for everyone and professes that they are all Bff's or "besties."

But that really is a minor challenge to some of the other fun times that ensue at Summerstone for the second session of School of Fear. Without giving too much of the plot away and spoiling the fun, I will just say that this summer the big challenge is saving the school or their phobias will never be cured!

This was just as hilarious as the first one, maybe more in some ways. I'm in total awe of Gitty Daneshvari's writing. She does witty humor better than anyone! (She's right up there with Adam Selzer in my book - and he's downright hysterical!). I cannot count how many times I woke up my husband laughing out loud through this book.

I will be first in line to buy her next book.
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