Sunday, September 19, 2010

Lisa Greenwald. MY LIFE IN PINK & GREEN

Lucy Desberg is worried about her family pharmacy. It isn't doing as well as it did in the good old days. Nowadays, people are buying everything at one mega-store, not at a bunch of little stores.While spending her afternoons helping out at the pharmacy, Lucy overhears her mother and grandmother discussing how the pharmacy is in trouble and may have to close down. Lucy can't bear the thought of it closing for good - it's been in their family for generations.

But she doesn't merely worrry, she takes action by implementing new ideas to promote the pharmacy. Her first action happens by accident one Saturday when she saves the homecoming queen's hair on the night of the big dance. Then other teens start coming to Lucy to get their makeup done. Plus, she designs a relaxation room that really catches on with customers. But the biggest act Lucy wants to do to help the pharmacy, she can't do alone. So she enlists her sister to help her. If everything works out, perhaps she really can save her family pharmacy!

This is a fun book that shows girls that they really can make a difference in their lives even at a young age. Lucy is a smart, capable character that I really admire! Lucy's best friend Suny is supportive and a great friend. Suny's brother Yamir is hysterical and quite the character!

I hope to read more from this author. You should check out her fantastic website here. It's really one of the coolest author websites!