Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Kieran Scott. SHE'S SO DEAD TO US

Ally Ryan had the perfect life. Her parents were wealthy and they lived in an exclusive mansion-filled neighborhood called Orchard Hill. She had a group of close friends that she had grown up with. Then her father caused a huge scandal by nearly bankrupting her friends families with poor investing. Because of the scandal, Ally and her family have to leave suddenly one night. She doesn't even get to say goodbye to her friends.

Cut to two years in the future, Ally's mom gets a job in Orchard Hill, so they move back. It's just Ally and her mom because her father ran off shortly after the scandal. Ally is nervous about her return. She knows what her friends must think of her, but surely they will understand that it was her father, not her, who lost their money.

When Ally gets to town, she makes her way to her old house to take a look and encounters the new occupant, Jake Graydon. He's really cute and seems interested in Ally. However, when Ally's old friends give her the cold shoulder, Jake decides to go along with them.

Will Ally ever fit in again with her old friends, and more importantly, does she even want to now?

This was so much fun! It kept me up reading late at night trying to feverishly get to the end. And let me tell you ~ there better be a sequel!  I loved the little snippets of conversation at the beginning of each chapter. They were gossip of coming events in the chapter. Scott seems to really zero in on exactly what teens are saying and doing. I really enjoy all of her books!

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