Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Jon Scieszka. SPACEHEADZ

I adore every single one of  Jon Scieszka's picture books (MATH CURSE, THE TRUE STORY OF THE 3 LITTLE PIGS, ETC). ALL OF THEM!! He's the best! So, when I saw this chapter book of his, I jumped on it instantly. Now I'm sure I had most of you at Jon Scieszka, but for the remaining few, here's the summary:

The book is called Spaceheadz. It's the first day of school for Michael K. and it's not going so well. He's new and he gets grouped with two other very unusual new students. He thinks they're off their rocker and doesn't want to be associated with them. Here are some of the things that he noticed right away:
1. The new girl had eaten half of his only pencil
2. The new boy had just told him they were Spaceheadz from another planet.

It only gets worse as the kids recite commercial jingles throughout the day like: I'm Lovin' it, Just Do it, and Get Ready to RRRRUMBLE!!
They explain to Michael, I'm sorry, I mean their hamster explains to Michael that they are from another planet and they have to recruit 3.4 million earth people to be Spaceheadz or the planet Earth will be turned off. So, you can imagine that Michael was a little flummoxed after hearing this news.
There is another interesting character. Mr. Umber is an agent for AAA (the anti-alien agency) and he's sort of the bad guy, in a fumbling idiot kind of way.

Anyway, you'll love it. AND it's going to be a series! The next one comes out in December. Here's the cover for that:

There are also several awesome websites that go along with the book:

SPHDZ.COM  (go ahead! Sign up to be a Spaceheadz!)**

Anti-Alien Agency (AAA)

And of course, you should check out Jon Scieszka's website here.

**You can get your own Spaceheadz name! Mine is
Instant Margarine-SPHDZ.PH