Sunday, July 4, 2010

Cool new reader tool! FeedSquares

I use Google Reader & I love it. However, I know have so many blogs in there, it can be overwhelming. I sometimes open it, see all of them, and then just leave. Or I stick with reading the same few each day.
But now I just found a really nifty way to use Reader and have it feel much less overwhelming.
FeedSquares is a Chrome extension and it's available on Android phones (on my wish list ~ love my BB, but really intrigued by the new MyTouch 3G slide).
I don't know if it's available for IE or FF. But it really is reason enough to switch to Chrome. Check out the screenshots:
When you open up FSq, it looks like chiclets, that adorable candy from your youth, doesn't it?
Along the top, you see your folders in GR, if you have any. (click on pic for bigger view)

If you click on a square (one of the blogs), then it opens up the last few posts along the bottom to previw:

Then when you click on a box to open it, it looks like this:
You can see ALL of the post, even pictures and at the bottom, you have the same options to share as in Reader, with the added bonus of posting to Facebook or Twitter. Very cool!

I'm most excited about the app for Android, since I'm planning to get one and I haven't found a successful way to view Google Reader on my Blackberry. (BB screen is too small for the regular apps)
It really does look like it was MADE for this phone, doesn't it: (beautiful!)