Thursday, April 22, 2010

My Book Review Policy

First of all, I only post reviews of books that I've read in full. That doesn't mean that I finish every book I start - I don't. But if I don't like it enough to finish it, I won't write a review. At least not here. If I didn't love a book completely, I'll usually point out the positive features or reasons that someone else may love it. If I absolutely adore a book, it'll be pretty obvious!

Currently, I'm a high school librarian, so I'm only reviewing YA books of all genres, along with some adult books that may be enjoyed by teens. I no longer have time in my schedule to review children's novels or picture books.

I don't review self-published books unless they have been reviewed by a major library review journal and are available through the normal school purchasing channels.

Contact me with questions at pam AT YourTechieLibrarian DOT com.