Sunday, April 11, 2010

Maureen Johnson. SCARLETT FEVER

“Monday arrived just like it always did, creeping in during the night like the neighbor’s cat, come to illicitly drop dead mice by the bedside.” *

Yeah, that’s why I adore Maureen Johnson.
Phrases like that.
Also, she creates the best characters. Scarlett is a wonderful main character in her own right, but Spencer her brother – wow, he’s something else altogether - so talented and witty. Mrs. Amberson, Scarlett’s boss is the embodiment of old Hollywood excessiveness, but in a totally charming way. Max is a new character in this book that I can’t wait to continue getting to know in the next book. And don’t get me started on the dog called Murray!

Oh and I also love her chapter titles. Here are a few examples:
Safety for the Stupid
Lies Everyone Knows
Lunch is for Suckers
Dinner is also for Suckers
Dawn of the Desperate

In case you didn’t know – SCARLETT FEVER is the sequel to SUITE SCARLETT, which I also adored completely. (see review here). You must read that one first.
On to my quick summary/teaser....The Hamlet production in the lobby of the Hopewell has just ended. The excitement has died down a little, and Spencer is looking for work. Scarlett is still working for Mrs. Amberson, especially after the show closing and the number of hotel guests dwindling. Scarlett is also depressed about breaking up with Eric. Mrs. Amberson decides to take on an additional client, a Broadway star named Chelsea who has an annoying brother, Max. Scarlett’s “job” is to keep an eye on him, and after objecting she realizes that he becomes intriguing. Then wonderful things happen for Spencer while simultaneously making him New York City’s public enemy #1.  Big news for Lola and Marlene continues to puzzle Scarlett. Bottom line = another great adventure with the Martin family. I really feel at home in their world. It also makes me want to like in New York City or at least visit for a while.
Read it. You’ll love it too. Now I want the sequel.

*Normally, I'd put a page number there, but Kindle doesn't use page #s. So, I give you location number 3413.