Sunday, April 18, 2010


Delilah begins her 7th grade year with high hopes. She’s the lead reporter on the school paper and plans to stay that way, since the editor has a crush on her. This year she dreams of becoming a Junior Global Journalist, the honor her late father earned when he was a teen. When school starts, she’s thrown for a loop for several reasons. She gets an unusual invitation to join the Debutantes, an elite clique (that she refers to as the "Little Debbies" since they're flaky, artificial and hard to stomach). She's so not Little Debbie material.
Then Ben, the editor who used to have a crush on her now has an actual girlfriend. A sophisticated girlfriend from France! Plus Ben had really grown into a cute guy over the summer. To top it all off, this French girl is going to write for the newspaper too. So, not only is it too late for her to return Ben’s crush on her, but her lead reporter status is in jeopardy also. But with the Little Debbie invitation in hand,  Delilah begins to imagine a scheme that might help her hold onto her job and maybe even win back Ben.
This grabbed me from the first page! Delilah is a hoot! I totally related with her and her determination, even when I could see her headed for a huge mistake. Her friend Jenner is quirky and funny. In fact, I loved all the characters! I laughed out loud multiple times! I really enjoyed this and look forward to more from the author (who happens to be an Aggie like me!)

One thing I'm curious about = the cover. It appears to have Ava & some girl named Paige facing off, when really shouldn't the names be Ava & Delilah? Hmmm...

More about the author here.
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