Sunday, March 28, 2010


Kat’s mother is a medium. She’s okay with it, but has never brought home friends to show her off or anything. In fact, she’s never brought anyone home before. She lets people in town think that her mom is just a little strange like a new age hippie, but not the truth about what she really does. People visit the house a lot and her mom helps them communicate with their loved ones who have passed on.
Bringing friends home hadn’t been a huge issue before anyway, since Kat doesn’t have any close friends. Then a new girl shows up at school. Her name is Jac and her constant companion is her cello, which makes her just as strange as Kat. They begin eating lunch together and gradually they become friends. Kat hides her mother’s occupation as long as she can. But then when Kat begins to see dead people too, things start happening that cause her secret to be harder and harder to keep.
This is an easy story to get into. Kat’s endearing and engaging right from the start. Her friend Jac is a lot of fun and adds a lot to the novel. It's a great combination of mystery and supernatural.
This is the first in the series SUDDENLY SUPERNATURAL
Check out the author's site here. She's written a lot of great stuff! I was really intrigued by this book from the Little House series about Mary Ingalls. She wrote this book in 2008 about what it might have been like for Mary when she attended the Iowa College for the blind: