Saturday, March 20, 2010

Elementary Graphic Novels

I’m developing a graphic novel collection here at my elementary library. I know how “graphic” some can be, so I was super careful in reading the professional reviews. The order just came in and now I’m reading some of the books for a double check before I put them on the shelf. I found some good ones!

By Charise Mericle Harper

Kiki Kittie didn’t ask to become a superhero. But on her birthday when she made a wish and several unfortunate things happened at the same time and Fashion Kitty was born. Fashion Kitty isn’t your normal, run-of the mill superhero. She fights for free fashion and helps others avoid fashion faux pas. Her abilities include: a brain that can mix and match hundreds of outfits in a second, ears that hear the distress call of someone in need of fashion help and a tail that makes everything seem all right with one touch.
This is an adorable graphic novel that will certainly appeal to girls of all ages in elementary. The illustrations are quirky and fun. Plus, there is a little paper doll type activity in the middle of the book. I’m glad I got this series, it will fly off the shelf!
There are 3 so far in the series.

by Chris Everheart and Arcano Studio

Recon Academy is a secret society of  kid spies. The series has four main characters that each have their own special skills. Emmi is a martial arts specialist, Hazmat is good at forensics, Jay is a gadgets person and Ryker is a computer expert. This installment, Shadow Cell Scam, is focused on Emmi. A shadow cell group is trying to stop the US Navy from launching a spy satellite. The kids get involved in the case and try to stop the bad guys from winning.
This is a neat little series. The illustrations are vibrant and engaging. The stories are short and sweet and perfect for elementary. In the back of the book is a little profile of the main character in the book and a page that looks like a webpage called Spyspace: a place for international spies. There’s a little chat between the characters and a profile of the case just solved. Also, I love the little glossary of words in the book that kids may not know like decrypt, detection, network and prototype.
This is a neat set of graphic novels that seems appropriate for 4th and 5th and above. There are about 6 in the series.

Buzz Beaker Brainstorm Series
by Scott Nickel and Andy J. Smith
Buzz forgot his lunch and has to suffer the school cafeteria lunch. He isn't looking forward to the mystery meat, deep fried green stuff and side of yellow creamed gloop. But he doesn't have a choice, so braves it. Later that afternoon, the principal comes into their classroom to tell them not to panic, but that a giant monster is eating everything in the school. When Buzz and his friend Larry encounter the monster, they can't resist attempting to take care of the monster and saving the school.
This is a fun series that fits elementary kids perfectly! Boys & girls will love it.

There are 7 or 8 of these books.

A few more series graphics that are great for elementary:
by Michael Dahl and Jeff Crowther

by Blake A Hoena and Steve Harpster

by David Orme and Peter Richardson

Many of these series are from Capstone - here's a good link

Enjoy going graphic!