Sunday, February 21, 2010


Millicent Min just completed her junior year in high school and she’s only eleven-years-old. She doesn’t have any friends in high school, since people aren’t really sure how to take her genius status. Plus, there is the huge age difference. So she’s looking forward to a great summer spending time with her grandmother, taking a college level poetry class and working on projects such as plotting downtown traffic patterns. Then her parents throw a wrench in her plans.  Her mom enrolls her in volleyball. She wants Millie to make some friends and become a little more well-rounded. Also, Millie gets stuck tutoring Stanford Wong, a jock that she considers a complete dolt. 

Fortunately, Millie meets Emily at volleyball and they become friends. Emily is new in town and doesn’t know about Millie attending high school already. Millie is so desperate for a real friend that she doesn’t want to risk losing her. The lies begin piling up and Millie begins to worry. If Emily finds out, will she lose her only friend. Furthermore, is it worth hiding her true self to keep her friend?

I love Millie!! I bookmarked so many parts in the book that I found hysterically funny or just plain adorable. For example, when she recalls losing her first tooth:

As I approached the breakfast table, Dad was downright giddy. "Find anything special under your pillow?" he asked, trying to sound nonchalant. My mother suppressed a smile, then returned to beating the lumps out of the pancake batter.
"Dad," I replied, attempting to let him down gently, "I know it was you who took my central incisor. Now may I please have it back? I'd like to study it under my microscope."

I mean really, now how can you not giggle at that? There are so many other great parts too, but you just need to read it for yourself. Millie is such a wonderfully precocious, quirky character. The other characters fill out the cast nicely. Her grandmother, in particular, is unique, wise and a lot of fun.

Here's a nifty tidbit - Lisa Yee wrote books about two other characters in the book: Emily, Millie's best friend and Stanford, the boy Millie tutors. (need to read those!)

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