Sunday, January 24, 2010

Justine Larbalestier. HOW TO DITCH YOUR FAIRY

This one’s been on my list for ages! Justine Larbalestier wrote the awesome MAGIC OR MADNESS trilogy, so I knew this would be good!

Fourteen-year-old Charlie lives in New Avalon where everyone has a personal invisible fairy. Each fairy has a specialty that helps you with your life. For example, Charlie’s friend Rochelle has a shopping fairy, which means that Rochelle always finds the perfect clothes at the right price. Stefan has a “getting out of trouble” fairy and other students have sports fairies that help them perform at their best. Unfortunately, Charlie isn’t as lucky as all those people. She has a parking fairy and she doesn’t even drive yet. But that doesn’t stop Danders, the school bully, to force her to help him get good parking spots all over town. Charlie detests her fairy and is determined to get rid of it, somehow, someway. When she finds out that Fiorenze’s mom is a fairy expert, she hopes for a way to finally ditch her fairy and maybe even get a better one.

This was a hoot! I thoroughly enjoyed New Avalon! The idea of having a personal fairy is fun and intriguing. The author is so inventive. This was just as fresh and creative as the MAGIC OR MADNESS trilogy. I enjoyed and was impressed by the new vocabulary and the lore of the fairies.
Highly Recommended!