Sunday, January 31, 2010


Another great one from Elizabeth Scott! What a thoroughly awe-inspiring author!

Amy’s just been released from Pinewood rehabilitation center. It’s been 75 days since Julia died. 75 days since she’s had anything to drink. She won’t drink ever again, since it reminds her of that night. Amy thinks it’s her fault that Julia died. She begins writing letters to Julia in a journal to work through her grief. She also begrudgingly sees a psychiatrist.

The worst part of it the whole thing is that her parents are acting differently towards her. They’re acting like they care all of a sudden. Before they left her alone most of the time. She’s trying to deal with getting through the day with the crushing weight of Julia’s death on her mind, not to mention being a total outcast at school. So the last thing she needs is doting parents. Will she ever be happy or even want to be happy again?

As I may have said before, Elizabeth Scott is fast becoming one of my favorite authors! I always feel a sort of kinship with her characters and stories. Is that weird? Anyway, this is one of those books that I didn’t want to end. Here is one of my favorite paragraphs:
“I didn’t want those words from her, not like that, not there, but at the same time I wanted them so badly that if I could have plucked them from the air, swallowed them down, and let them swim inside me, I would have”

This is a book you won’t soon forget. It’s beautifully written. The characters are deep and real. Loved it!!