Thursday, December 24, 2009


YAY! I was lucky to receive an ARC of THE UNWRITTEN RULE to review!

Sarah and Brianna have been friends since Kindergarten when Brianna saved Sarah from a bully. They’ve been close ever since. The boys always go for Brianna. Sarah has been the trusty best friend. She’s been there to encourage and support Brianna consistently and without question (even at her own expense).

However, now that Brianna is dating Ryan, Sarah is having major conflicts within herself. She had always like Ryan ever since he invited her to the dance in 8th grade. They didn’t end up going together that night due to unforeseen circumstances. But Sarah never stopped liking Ryan. Brianna doesn’t know that or simply refused to pay enough attention.
What should Sarah do? She knows she’s breaking the unwritten rule of friendship, but she’s never wanted a boy so much before. Does she ruin her friendship or does she allow her heart to break?

I love a great love story! What I really admire about Scott’s writing is the way she is able to portray so much energy and feeling between two characters. With only a word, a look, or a brush of a hand, you totally feel the chemistry between two people. I also love the way she gave Sarah and Brianna so much depth. Their friendship was complicated. I remember in SOMETHING MAYBE the way I was taken back to my own teen years with the authentic emotions created. I felt the same realness in this book. It feels like Scott has a direct link to the teenage heart!  And without giving too much away – I thought the ending was realistic and perfect!

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