Sunday, November 8, 2009

Wendy Mass. 11 BIRTHDAYS.

I love it when I refrain from reading a book’s description before reading it. I like going in with no spoilers. With this book, I knew I loved the author and the cover looked cute, so I just jumped right in. Yay, I’m glad I did that because I got to be surprised at the plot. Now, how do I write the review so that you too will be surprised….I’m not really sure. So, if you don’t want spoilers, stop reading now.
Amanda and Leo were born on the same day. Since their parents met through unusual circumstances at the hospital on the day of their birth, they’ve celebrate every single birthday together. However, at last year’s birthday, when they turned 10, they had a fight. They haven’t spoken since then. Amanda wakes up on their 11th birthday a little worried about having separate parities. Will anyone show up to hers? Leo has a band, a hypnotist, a football star and all kinds of fun stuff planned for his party. She’s just having a lame costume party. She wants the day to be over quickly.
She falls asleep after suffering through her birthday party, where people actually leave to go join Leo’s party, and the strangest thing happens.
She wakes up and it’s her birthday again. She must live through the entire day again. And again. And then again. She decides to try to figure things out and hopefully stop the madness.
I really enjoyed this twist on the Groundhog Day theme. I enjoyed putting the clues together with Amanda and Leo. It was an intriguing story that all ages will enjoy!

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