Monday, September 7, 2009

Terra Elan McVoy. PURE

Tabitha and her friends made a promise at the age of twelve that they would remain pure until they got married. They each wear a purity ring to symbolize their promise to God, their families and each other. The five of them have been friends for a long time. Tabitha and Morgan have been best friends since they were really young. They both believe deeply in their faith and each other. At least they did, up until a major event causes a blow to their relationship.

Tabitha begins seeing some characteristics in Morgan that shock her to the core. She begins to question not only Morgan, but her own belief system. She begins to wonder about the very foundation her purity promise is based on, as well as how to choose what is right and wrong. To make things more complicated, Tabitha begins dating Jake, a boy whose kisses make her tingly. How will he react to her purity ring?

Wow. There is so much packed into this book. I love how honest and smart Tabitha is. She is honest with herself, about all of the issues she is dealing with, and learns to be honest with everyone around her. That is really difficult for a teen (heck – it’s difficult for adults!). I also love the author’s spectacular writing. There is a scene where all the girls are having a conversation. But, as they are talking you’re getting what they really feel through either a look on their face or through Tabitha’s translation in her head. It’s a multi-layered conversation and would be extremely clunky, if not written so brilliantly by the author. I enjoyed it so much that I read it over & over. In fact, there were several parts that I savored slowly.

Loved it! Check it out!

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