Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Wow. I could kick myself for not reading Clarice Bean sooner! I remember seeing Lauren Child's illustrations. And I had read CHARLIE & LOLA, but I think I never got to read Clarice because I was more focused on middle grade books. Well, she is now my absolute favorite book character for young readers. I would have been obsessed as a child (and truthfully, I am a little now as an adult). Plus I love the artwork so much, I want to post all of it here, but I’ll just post a few & send you to Lauren Child’s website for the rest. This is one of those examples where without the illustrations you truly lose the entire mood, theme, and essence of Clarice Bean and her world. I think the creative placement of the text on the page is helpful too. Also, I’d like to point out that Clarice comes in picture book format as well as chapter books. I love them both.

So, about the book. This one is called Utterly Me. A trophy is stolen at school. The bad boy is blamed, since he usually does everything anyway. But Clarice doesn’t think he stole it. So, she emulates her favorite book character Ruby Redfort, secret agent, to solve the mystery.
Clarice is an imaginative, funny daydreamer. I enjoyed spending time with her and look forward to her other chapter books.

A few adorable picture books that I loved!

More on Clarice Bean & her awesome creator, Lauren Child.