Sunday, August 23, 2009


Vlad is beginning tenth grade at Bathory High. He’s enjoyed having Otis at home for a while, especially after the attack the previous year by the slayer. He’s felt safe and learned even more about is unique talents as a vampire. But Otis must leave once again. When Otis leaves, Vlad is left with several reasons to feel unsettled about the new school year. First of all, he’s having torturous nightmares about D’Ablo, who he knows is still after him. His best friend Henry is acting weird around him like he doesn’t want to be his friend anymore. And to make matters worse, Vlad’s hunger is increasing to an insatiable level. He worries about his will power around people. This may be his most challenging year yet.

This was another great book in the chronicles of Vladimir Tod. We learn more about Vlad’s status as the Pravus. We learn more about D’Able and Vlad’s father. There are a few surprises, plenty of action and that witty humor we’ve gotten used to from Heather Brewer.
I loved it & anxiously await the next one!

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