Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Search Engine Fun & also searching for kids with ASK Kids & Yahoo Kids

There are so many new & great search engines out there. I thought I'd spotlight a few.

Leapfish is nifty because you can search several places at once. And it uses the current top search engines like Google, Yahoo & MSN. Rather than having to choose whether you want to search pictures, news, sites, blogs or answers, you can search all at once and Leapfish shows you the results in little boxes. Here's what the first page looks like. Go on, try it. Click on the picture to go.

FOR KIDS: Most of you have probably already heard of Ask.com. But I revisited their kids site & it's pretty neat. Here's what the main page looks like. Kids just type in their search term...

And with a basic search like "cats" they get a notecard-like summary at the top, which is a nice ovearl snapshot of the search term. Plus, they get a section where they can choose from many different images...

And probably my favorite feature is the ability to narrow or expand their search! This is something you usually only find in databases. So the librarian & teacher in me loves this feature, so that we can teach kids about searching effectively.

Plus AskKids just looks really cool, right.

Here's the main page AskKids

One final search engine spotlight. Yahoo has a great site for kids that includes a search engine. Their parent page assures us that they have real live humans reviewing all of their content, so it's safe for kids. When kids use the search engine, they get results from the Yahoo site, from the Yahoo directory (formerly called Yahooligans), and from the web. It sounds like the search and all of the content is safe for kids. They also have some great info on Internet safety for parents to help teach their kids to be safe online. Plus, there isn't a way for kids to communicate through this site - in case you're a parent worried about that. Wow, this could've been a post all by itself!
Anyway, this will be my son's homepage on his new laptop. It gets my vote!