Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Remember Everything with Evernote

Ok, sign me up for anything that promises to help you REMEMBER EVERYTHING! Ok, maybe that's slightly extreme. But this looked cool. I'm always a sucker for organizational software. I use Microsoft OneNote (totally love it!) and Outlook ~ especially the tasks lists & post it notes. In fact, I really need to organize my organizational software, so it's not so confusing! Ha.
So I downloaded Evernote to my Blackberry (it also works with iPhone & your computer). Then I took some pictures & wrote some notes. Now, here comes the cool part. I then logged onto the account on my laptop & all the notes I took were
right there in my account! Woah. Normally, you have to synch your BB to your computer to get that! But this is instant.
Other perks:
*It can read handwriting within images! (so you can search for words within your pics)
*Email or MMS notes from your phone into your account
*Clip entire web pages and save all the links and contents
And that is only the tip of the iceberg!

I'm off to organize some more!