Thursday, July 2, 2009


(Since I'm an elementary librarian now, I'll be focusing on more younger audience books. I'll still review YA -you'll just see more children's reviews here than you did before.) Now, on to the review...

While going through a box of books, Ali finds an old torn picture of her and her aunt and a small snippet of another girl at Gull Cottage, the lake house the family owns. On the back of the picture is the name of her mom, her aunt and another name where the picture is torn beginning with a T. Ali asks her mom about it, but her mom clams up and refuses to talk about it. When her aunt comes to visit, she also refuses to divulge any information about this “T” person. She claims they didn’t hang out with anyone at Gull Cottage – just each other.
After 30 years of avoiding Gull Cottage, Ali’s aunt, Dulcie, decides to spend the summer there painting. She asks Ali her to join her so she can babysit her niece, Emma. Everything is set for a nice relaxing summer at the lake. But you see the cover, right? A mysterious girl who calls herself Sissy keeps showing up to play with Ali and Emma. But she’s mean and starts to become a bad influence on Emma. Also, bit by bit, Ali begins unraveling the mystery of the “T” person in the photo. It definitely doesn’t end up being a nice and relaxing summer at the lake.
I loved this ghost~mystery. It’s chilling, suspenseful and creepy. It kept me up late at night - I couldn't stop reading. It’s great for kids as young as 4th grade through middle school who liked to be scared.

I was happy to see that the author has written many books, check her out here.