Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Yay! I’ve been waiting on this sequel to AIRHEAD. In the beginning we find Em (Nikki) adjusting to her new life, somewhat. She really has no choice but to follow all of her orders as spokesmodel and official face of Stark Industries. Her typical job is modeling Stark Superstores clothing while doing commercials for Stark brand laptops. And if you remember from book 1, she is basically a corporate slave to Stark or else they will throw her family in jail. So even though flying around the world to model in tropical locations may sound glamorous to you, there is a down side. Em’s every single move is monitored. Her apartment is bugged. Her laptop and cell phone are bugged. Her family’s homes and cell phones are bugged. You name it – bugged. So she can't really spend much time with her family or her old life, otherwise Stark will get suspicious.

Anyway, Em is doing the best she can to remain normal. She's going to school and trying to begin a relationship with her old best friend. She’s been doing a decent job of fooling everyone. Until now. Nikki’s brother shows up out of the blue and he might be the one person she isn’t able to fool. To complicate things, he brings up some serious questions about the way Nikki died. Perhaps Stark isn’t being as honest as everyone would like…

I loved this sequel! It surprised me with some mysteries and discoveries. I'm really getting attached to some of the characters. Plus, it's mighty hysterical in parts. It leaves you eagerly awaiting the sequel, which will be called RUNAWAY according to the teaser in the back of the book.
Highly Recommended for a ton of fun!

Remember, you MUST read the first one to understand & enjoy this one.

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