Sunday, May 24, 2009


Vlad made it through 8th grade (if you missed the review see here). He learned a lot from Otis and almost lost his life. But some things never change. He's in high school and the two bullies who pushed him around in middle school continue to give him trouble. Also, Vlad's no closer to officially calling Meredith his girlfriend. But he does receive a bit of good news from Otis. He's going to get to spend winter break with him in Siberia training with a special vampire family friend. When he finds out a vampire slayer is in town, he's glad to take part in any training that may help save his life.
I'm liking this one even more. We're learning more about the vampire secret world, as well as Vlad's part in it. The fact that he's half-human, half-vampire comes into play more in this book. Since he was actually born (not made into a vampire), this seems to make a huge difference. Whether that is a good thing or a bad thing-you must read for yourself! Plus, there are several other surprises in store in this one.
I'm now anxiously awaiting TENTH GRADE BLEEDS, which is due out end of June.
By the way, even with Vlad entering high school, this is still middle school appropriate.

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Trailer - Ninth Grade Slays by *mree on deviantART