Saturday, May 16, 2009

Elizabeth Scott. SOMETHING, MAYBE

And you think you’re parents were embarrassing when you were a teen? Um, probably not so much after reading this book. Hannah would probably hide what her mom does for a living, if she could, but since she does it online, that’s not really a option. Her mom dated an aging rock star years ago and became famous for it, among other things. Anyway, when Hannah and her mom first moved to Slaterville several years back, they gave her a lot of grief for her infamous parents. She learned to stay under the radar, so people eventually left her alone. Now in high school, she feels like she’s met her soul mate in Josh. Surely, he would realize it too, once he got to know her better. But this other guy, Finn, keeps getting in the way. She works with both of them. Josh is her dream guy and Finn is an annoying jerk. When Josh finally asks her out, she’s in heaven. Is he really the dream guy she imagined or is he someone else?
I really enjoyed this love story. It’s funny and real. There is an authenticity to the writing. In fact, it brought me back to some distinct moments in my life as a teen. Hannah’s teen emotions feel fresh, not cynical. There are things going on that I can’t say without spoiling it, but you feel her naivetĂ© and remember when you felt that way. (or if you’re still a teen-hopefully you still feel that way)
This was a real joy to read! Can’t wait to read more from Elizabeth Scott.

I've heard that PERFECT YOU is awesome too:
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