Saturday, April 18, 2009

Denise Vega. CLICK HERE: to find out how I survived seventh grade

Erin Swift is entering 7th grade with several things freaking her out. She’s now in middle school, which means lots of new people. Plus, she’s being separated from her best friend for the first time since Kindergarten. They were put in different tracks at school. How will she navigate the halls of the enormous school and deal with 8th graders without her best friend Jilly? Then soon after school starts, some things begin to make her hopeful. For example, there’s the cute boy in her homeroom and Intranet Club that she’s beginning to like “more than a friend.” However, when he meets her friend Jilly, Erin is afraid he’ll like her, which is so typical! A few major dramas happen to Erin in her 7th grade year before she learns to really stand up for herself. Oh, and all these major dramas (and the minor ones) are chronicled in her own personal, private blog. Only you, the reader, gets to see it.
This was so much fun! Erin is an adorable character who you’ll root for. Jilly is a completely realistic best friend. I cracked up in many parts, and I related to the sad parts. Who hasn’t been in a position where they never wanted to show their face again at school?
Any middle-schooler will enjoy this! And I think a lot of them at my school will be reading it soon, because, we're lucky enough to have the author, Denise Vega, come visit us in May! How cool is that! Yay :)
For more on Denise Vega and her other books click here for her super cool website.

The sequel is out July 1st.

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