Sunday, April 12, 2009

Carrie Jones. NEED

Wow what a cool book!
Ever since Zara White’s father died, she hasn't been herself. She no longer feels like doing anything. Her mother fears that she is deeply depressed and worries so much about her that she sends her off to live with her grandmother. She hopes that a change will help Zara return to her spunky self again. It works. Zara begins to see this creepy man following her. It peaks her curiosity, but it also introduces her to a whole new world that she never even wanted to know existed.
I loved this book! It has romance, friendship, adorable characters (Issie), humor and danger.
(and gold dust – always a nice addition)
Here’s one of the many funny pieces of dialogue:

He shouts to me, “Pixies have to be invited in, like vampires. I read it on the Internet.”
“Well, there you go,” I mutter. “Then it must be true.”

Maybe it's just my sense of humor, but I found that hysterical. There’s a lot more funny dialogue, but I can’t say more without spoiling the story for you. It is an exciting story full of supernatural beings. I won’t tell you all of them here, but I will say that it involves pixies. Before reading this, all I knew about pixies were pixie sticks (yummy, but totally not the same thing) and Tinker Bell (not even close). So this was my first foray into the world of Pixies. It was most excellent! I can feel a sequel coming & I can’t wait.
Read it – you won’t be sorry!
More about the author here

Oh and here's the book trailer for it:

Addendum: I knew that character was named after Devyn – the fantastical blogger/author! So I looked it up & yes, it was indeed named after him. How lovely to have a character named after you in a book. Anyone wanting to name a character after me, please, please feel free.