Monday, March 2, 2009

SKYPE and author visits

If you haven't heard about Skype, it's a way that people can communicate via the Internet using their web cams. It sounds mostly free & it has a lot of ways to communicate. This is a really awesome service, but the reason I was compelled to write about it is the way schools are able to use it.
Recently, I've been looking at ways to get more author visits. (We recently had a local author to our book club & that was awesome, so it got me wanting more.) I read on Laurie Halse Anderson's blog that she did an author visit via Skype. No travel or her part - how very cool. So I went to the blog of the teacher/writer, Kate Messner, who hosted the visit to find out more. Wow! It really sounds like a great way to host authors who live far away. Click on Kate's site to get all the details; She has photos of the videoconference and a to-do list to prepare in advance. I'm going to have to look into this for our school!