Sunday, April 5, 2009


What is Schmoop?

Its mission is "To make learning and writing more fun and relevant for students in the digital age."
Gotta love that! It's a site to help students with writing and making learning fun. You can look up information on your topic. The content is written mostly by Ph.D. & Masters students at top univeristies. So it's good stuff.
On the Tour de Schmoop, (Their phrase, not mine -although I wish I'd coined it) here's what it says it can do:

~Help you with topics for your paper
~Make learning way more fun
~Give you ammo to speak intelligently in class
~impress your teachers with awesome web links of audio, video, etc

Does it measure up to its mission? YES!
Not only is the search tool user friendly, but the layout of the articles are great.
Plus you have a toolbar on the bottom that looks like this:

You can "create a stickie" of info that you want to remember later. You can highlight a word & click "dictionary" for a quick definition. You can create folders of information.
Then when you're ready to write, if you need help, you can click on "jump start your paper" and this brainstorming outline function opens up to help you. You can drag in your "stickies" & other saved notes that you made along the way.


It also has some writing & revising sections to help students.

And that is just the beginning!
I haven't even mentioned all the cool ways Teachers can use this site.
Check some of them out on their Teacher page here.