Sunday, March 8, 2009

Sarah Mlynowski. BRAS & BROOMSTICKS

Fun, sassy and a wild ride! This story begins when freshman Rachel Weinstein discovers the new shoes on her feet. They are the exact green suede designer sneakers she begged her mom for the other day. But they were too expensive. She wonders how in the world they ended up on her feet! Then she’s called home for an important meeting with her mom & sister where they break the news. Her mom & sister are witches. (that explains the new shoes.) After the initial shock, Rachel realizes that her sister Miri now has power. The power to grant her all the things she wants: popularity, a cute boyfriend, etc. Miri really isn’t supposed to cast any spells until she gets through all of her training. But even Miri agrees that something must be done about the awful woman their dad is planning to marry. They must find a way to cancel it before she becomes their evil stepmonster. Of course, both girls quickly forget that the most important thing to remember when casting spells is that every spell has a consequence – usually an unintended one!
This was fun and totally relatable. Rachel’s teenage desperation and suffering was completely realistic. I enjoyed the sister bond between Rachel & Miri.
Loved it! The sequel is on my list!

The first book I read by Sarah Mlynowski was HOW TO BE BAD (review here). I’m glad I’ve discovered her other books. There are four total in this BRAS & BROOMSTICKS series. Click here for her website.