Thursday, March 12, 2009


You could say Maybelline Chestnut, Maybe for short, has a unique life. Her mom named her after her favorite mascara. Her mom was a beauty queen who begrudgingly gave up all her dreams of becoming a big star to have Maybe, which didn’t set Maybe up to feel “wanted.” Her mom owns a charm school to groom girls for beauty pageants. Maybe doesn’t want anything to do with it or any of the men her mom brings home. She’s about to marry again for the 7th time. He may be the worst of all. After he turns her mom against her, Maybe has had enough. Her friend Hollywood has just been accepted to college at UCLA film school, so she leaves her mom and joins him. She realizes that her real dad lives there, and she figures finding him will be just what she needs. They also bring along Ted, Maybe’s best friend in the world. The three of them begin an adventure in Hollywood. Of course, finding her dad isn’t as easy as expected, and Maybe & Ted don’t have anywhere to live or any money, so the challenges begin right away. In the end, while trying to find her dad, Maybe finds herself and some other unexpected joys in her life.
I’ll remember this one for a long time. I love when I finish a book and feel like I spent time with some amazing people. I truly enjoyed hanging out with these people. The characters are witty, fun and unique. They aren’t your normal stock characters. Each character was a fully formed person with many delightful details. The relationships are true to life. Plus the story was absorbing; I really felt the ups & downs of Maybe’s emotional ride.
Highly Recommended! I’m looking forward to reading Lisa Yee’s other books.

Oh, and as a former student of Dr. Teri Lesesne, I loved seeing her name in there! That was a hoot. And yes, she is totally a celebrity!

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