Sunday, February 1, 2009

Password Help

For a quick & easy way for students (or teachers) to generate passwords check out Password Bird.

It asks you a few questions and then it creates a quick & easy password using numbers & letters for you. If you don't like the one it generates, you can ask for another one. (thanks to Mr. Byrne for this tip)

Also, if you need a free & easy password keeper (we have them for everything these days for paying your bills online, email, and social network sites), check out Roboform. I've been using it for years. With the free account, it'll save up to 10 passwords. The upgraded version is pretty inexpensive & it'll save an unlimited amount. Plus it will keep a profile for you (both the free version & upgraded version will do this). So, anytime you need to fill out your address, email or anything like that you just click one button & Roboform fills it all in for you.
I realize that browsers like Firefox & Flock do something similar, but I've found that Roboform is more consistent. The browsers sometimes just forget, for some reason, & Roboform never does.