Sunday, January 25, 2009

Understanding Creative Commons

Confused about using pictures with a license from Creative Commons? First of all, what is Creative Commons?
Creative Commons is a non-profit organization dedicated to making it easier for people to share and build upon the works of others, while remaining inline with copyright rules.
They provide free licenses and other tools to mark creative works with the type of license the creator would like to carry.
There are several sites that offer images and photographs with the varying degrees of CC licenses. Many images you are able to use for free for certain purposes. Flickr is one of the sites that offer photos, and there are some sites that offer videos and music too. (You'll see that over to the right under my Photo/Image sources sidebar, I have Flickr Creative Commons as a link. I've used that site a lot for my presentations)

This is a really huge topic, but I found a site that spells out the how educators can take advantage of Creative Commons licensed resources. Here is the link to Drape's Takes blog where I found this article.
By the way, this blogger is Darren Draper and is a technology specialist for Jordan School District. That's the district that put together this awesome video that has been used all over the place to show teachers the importance of technology in education. If you missed it here it is again. If you did see, it's so worth seeing again. Don't forget to turn up your volume - it makes all the difference in the presentation.

Okay that was totally off topic...

As I was saying, if you still would like more info about all of this, the Creative Commons Organization is located here.