Saturday, January 24, 2009

Ron Koertge. STRAYS

Ted lost his parents in a car crash and is sent to live in foster care. He grew up working in his parent’s pet shop selling kitty litter and dog food. He got bullied a lot at school, so he’s really only had animals as friends. He has to start over in a new home with weird foster parents and two foster brothers and begin at a new school. It’s strange for him at first. His friendship with animals helps him make the transition and mourn his parents. What starts out as the worst year of his life ends up being just what he needs to mature and learn to be with people, not just animals. With the help of his new friend Wanda, who’s quite the character, he no longer feels like a stray.
Koertge is a brilliant writer. I love his dialogue. In someone else’s hands, the relationship between Ted and the animals would’ve been cheesy, but here the dialogue is so witty and wise that it feels right.

MARGAUX WITH AN X and STONER AND SPAZ are just a few of his other books.