Monday, January 12, 2009

More Powerful Search Engines

I love Google. Most people do. But sometimes you need a way to direct your search or to be more specific. Here are two search sites that help with that:

ButtonAll calls itself the Internet's Universal Remote. That's a great tagline.
It has several types of search engines, reference and social sites all right on the page organized in rows & columns that they call buttons. The red buttons represent new and innovative websites. They rotate these out every so often.
You can also customize the buttons and rows (very cool). Pretty intriguing way to search.

Another way to target your search is to use Spific. It is powered by Google.
You can search all of the Internet or by specific topic. Many of us are already doing with with Google by using Boolean logic (using and/or...etc) while searching. But, this would be simpler and might work better with students. It also has maps & image searches.