Sunday, January 25, 2009


Another interesting way to search.
Maholo is an information page/search engine. It calls itself the first human-powered search engine. If you search for something that they have info on, you'll get this page of details about that topic. For example, on my favorite author, you get videos, other links, a biography, list of books, news, interviews, novel guides, literary stuff and more.
If Maholo hasn't created a page on that topic, then you get search results on all the major search engines that looks something like this: (you see the tabs on top include all the different engines, including YouTube & Flickr. It's blurry, click for bigger view)

What's truly different about Mahalo though is how they build their info pages. Anyone can become a Greenhouse Guide and write pages to sell to Mahalo. You have to be approved to write for them and your articles will also be approved, so this isn't like Wikipedia where anyone can post stuff willy-nilly. Also, they have a list of topics they're looking for that are high priority.
It's really a neat concept. The pages that I've viewed are well organized, interesting and informative. If you want more info on this process click here. It's called the Mahalo Greenhouse.
In addition to the search functions, the main page is set up as a possible "homepage" for you, much like Yahoo or MSN, since it has so many news items, videos and the new "ask a question" section. Here's what it looks like.

But really, these pictures can't do it justice. You should really go & check it out!

*And just in case you were wondering, Mahalo is Hawaiin for Thank you.