Monday, January 19, 2009


Wow, this may be the longest I've gone between posts. I read halfway through a few books that I couldn't finish. Weird, I know. But, they just didn't do it for me & I have such a stack of books on my nightstand that I figured - why try to push through books I don't like! That's what I tell my students too. If you don't like it, stop & get another book. There are way too many good ones to be stuck in a sucky one. Okay so the books I was reading may not have totally sucked - but still...if it isn't great, what's the point. And you all will never know the names of those books. I only post about books I recommend.
So, on to this latest book. I've been hearing about this book for a long time. I finally got my chance to read it. What I like most about it is the authenticity. It rings totally true. I mean, at least to the way I felt in high school. It brings back actual memories for me. So, I'm sure middle school & high school kids will connect.
Alice has a guy best friend named Jewel (short for Julian). They've been friends forever. They're both artists and feel sort of alone in their own little world, away from the popular kids in school. Alice feels invisible. But they have each other and enjoy each other's sense of humor and everything. But lately, Alice has been dreaming about a boy named Simon, a football player. She could never admit this to Jewel, because they make fun of football players. Then Simon starts to notice Alice, which she enjoys, but could never tell Jewell. She ends up being stuck between her best friend and the guy she really wants to get to know. Will she throw away her years of friendship for a hot guy?
Like I said, this is a lovely novel that really rings true. The writing, the dialogue and the feelings of isolation are authentic. I really enjoyed spending time with Alice and Jewel.
I look forward to more from Liz Gallagher.
Here's her website for more on the author. (Love the cover, too)

Oh, and here's a freakin' AWESOME book trailer.