Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I've been hearing about Drop.io for a while (particularly from this prolific blogger), and I finally grabbed a few minutes to explore it. It's pretty cool! With the growing popularity of cloud computing, this fits right in with that trend. It's a drop box where you can upload documents & media up to 100 mb for free per account. (plus you can create multiple accounts if you need to).
Then you can invite people to view your info or simple give out the guest password to whomever you want.
Since it's password protected, you can do a variety of things with students that you may not normally be able to do on a standard website. You can display student work, have a place for students to comment on files, media or other students' work. It could also be a place to share information with parents.
It's very easy to use. You just drop in your files. Or you can email them. Plus, your account will have voice mail, conference call and fax capabilities.
The possibilities are endless. In fact, I'm thinking that it would be a quick & easy way to share photos too.
To get started just click below.

Here's what your drop can look like (you can personalize it - click to see larger)