Monday, December 29, 2008

Yvonne Collins & Sandy Rideout. GIRL v. BOY

Luisa Perez feels invisible at her high school. The fact that nine other girls have her exact name only increases her generic-ness. But this year, everything changes. Her school begins to participate in a fundraising contest to raise money for literacy. The principal makes the boys compete against the girls in the school to see who can raise the most money. When her English teacher gives her an assignment to write an anonymous column in the school paper to represent the girls she's reluctant, but gives it a shot. He also assigns an anonymous boy to write from their point of view. Their assignment is to talk about the contest, but a battle of the sexes begins and the readers love it. The column becomes hugely popular and even gets syndicated and printed at five other schools. In the meantime, Lu begins dating a boy she really likes, but he doesn't know she writes the column. She's a little afraid of what will happen when he finds out, since she has mentioned him a few times in the paper. As the big fundraising gala approached, she realizes that she won't be invisible anymore when she is revealed as the anonymous writer. Will she be able to handle the spotlight? Will she lose her boyfriend?

This was so much fun! The characters were realistic and enjoyable. Some were even hysterical (Mariah Mendes). I loved the dynamic between Lu and her sister. The jealousy pitted against the "taking care of you" vibe was totally believable. Plus, Lu’s two friends Izzy and Rachel round out the cast of characters nicely. The only thing I wasn't sure about was the fact that the mayor could grant a school two weeks extra vacation. But hey, it's fiction! And frankly if some school could really raise that much money for literacy - maybe it could really happen!

This dynamic duo has written several other books together.

I reviewed THE BLACK SHEEP here. That was a really unique story! (the book has a new cover, but I kinda like this one still)

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I have this one on my "to read" list