Sunday, December 21, 2008

Terri Clark. SLEEPLESS

Trinity has an unusual talent. She “dreamwalks.” In other words, she is lucid in her dreams, which means she can control them, but she can’t control the people she encounters and the disturbing things she learns about them. It’s a talent she’d rather not have, especially after the most recent, tragic incident where she witnesses a girl in mortal danger. She called the authorities, but they got there too late to save her. Trinity has felt guilty about it ever since. Now the murderer is visiting her in her dreams and threatens her life. After finding out that the murderer has escaped from the mental hospital, she freaks. She teams up with an unlikely partner to find the murderer before he finds her.
It’s been a while since I’ve enjoyed a psychological thriller. As an added bonus, it’s love story too. I had a ton of fun getting to know Trinity. She’s an intriguing character. I’ve heard there may be a sequel. I’m all for it, since there is so much more story here.
The writing is awesome; the book really flowed nicely. It has a perfect combination of humor, thriller, coming of age, and love. (Warning: it will keep you up at night! Oh and you may be compelled to get a dreamcatcher after reading)

By the way, I’ve had the pleasure of encountering Terri Clark in her day job, and she’s marvelous. I hope she still has time to write a sequel!

Here’s her website to read more about the her.