Sunday, December 7, 2008

Lauren Myracle. BLISS

Wow! What a great departure from what Lauren Myracle typically writes (well except for RHYMES WITH WITCHES - I knew that name Lurlene was familiar!).But for the most part I think people associate Myracle's name with her wonderful tween books (Eleven, Twelve etc.) or the TTYL series.
This is quite different from those. It's creepy, chilling, and has the coolest opening line. "Grandmother won't tolerate occultism..." OK, but tell me what grandmother would! That cracked me up. But it was a great way to set you up for the time period of this novel, which is 1969, because she's actually referring to Bewitched - the TV show.
The main character Bliss has been dropped off at her grandmother's house because her hippie parents have had some trouble carting around a teenager in the midst of protesting the war and fleeing to Canada. So, Bliss has been deposited at her grandmother's house for a safer, cleaner environment. Her grandmother enrolls her in a private prep school called Crestview. It's an old school, and Bliss finds out the scary way that a girl killed herself in one of the creepy old buildings. She hears her voice calling to her. The voice implores her to come to her and tells her she is the key. The key to what? Bliss wonders. Bliss tries her best to ignore the creepiness of the new school by forming a few friendships and going about her life. But one girl will not let her and tries to involve Bliss in some really creepy activities.
This book is a delicious blend of late 60's prim, prep school and creepy, bloody ghost story. Plus, who would've predicted that both Andy Griffith and Charles Manson would ever be in the same book! You'll have to read it to find out what I mean. Really, I can't say much more without giving away the juicy parts.
Definitely a fun, entertaining, yet slightly disturbing book worth your time!

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