Sunday, December 14, 2008

John Green, Maureen Johnson, Lauren Myracle. LET IT SNOW

What an awesome Christmas present to me. Three of my favorite authors together delivering a funny and heartwarming holiday tale! This lovely book contains three different stories, but with connecting characters. It's as if there are spotlights shining in three different locations in the same town on Christmas. Then at the end, the spotlights become one as all the stories weave together for the last scene at the Starbucks. The first story is about a girl named Jubilee who has a wrench thrown in her Christmas plans because her parents get arrested. However, the adventure that ensues brightens up her holiday after all. The second story involves a desperate attempt to trudge through a snowstorm to reach fourteen cheerleaders at a Waffle House. The last story is about a girl with a broken heart who learns how to think of others and appreciate her friends.
All three involve love, but not in an overly mushy way. The stories are realistic and the characters feel like real teens. In fact, the characters are so unique and fun that I enjoyed spending time with them. Most of all, I laughed my rear off. In the first story, I bookmarked several funny parts, but I think the funniest part is about what happens to your body when you fall in a frozen creek. (too much to quote here, but original & funny enough that I had to show it to several people). One of the funniest lines in the second story is about a guy with greasy hair. A character says, "I feel like if you wrung out his hair every day or two, you could potentially end America's dependence on foreign oil." There were funny parts in the third story, too, but what I really liked was the realistic portrayal of a girl who is trying, but keeps getting in her own way. Perhaps that just felt a little too familiar to me.This would make a great holiday gift for someone or for yourself. Definitely one I'll have to revisit during future Christmases. Loved it!

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