Sunday, November 23, 2008

Melissa De La Cruz. REVELATIONS

This is book 3 in the BLUE BLOODS saga.This series gets better with each installment. I highly recommend this one, if you haven’t read it. It’s really a great vampire saga. After the death of her grandmother, Schuyler is stuck living with her nemesis Mimi Force and her family. Mimi treats her badly, Jack acts like she doesn’t exist and Charles just ignores her. Her grandfather, Lawrence, has taken over as Regis of the Conclave and for some reason young Mimi has a seat on the Conclave. The threat of the Silver Bloods is greater than ever as everyone prepares for a battle they thought ended centuries before. When the Conclave is summoned to Rio under curious circumstances, they are greeted with a shocking surprise.
What I really like about this series is the way the author blends a complex historical world of angels and demons with the modern world of couture and high society. The characters are deeper and the world is more fascinating with each book.

As for this book, identities are revealed and more lore is explained, but many unanswered questions still remain at the conclusion, which leaves me anxiously waiting for the next installment. As depicted at the back of this book, it already has a title: THE VAN ALEN LEGACY. It’s on my list!
This vampire series is very different from TWILIGHT, but definitely worthy of just as much attention.

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