Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Flip Camera!

Ok, I won't say anything as lame as, I'm flipping over this camera, but... the Flip Camera is just as cool as it appears. I ordered three for my school library. The reason I wanted them is because they are so easy for lots of different people to use.
After you film, you just plug the USB (conveniently attached to the camera) into your computer. The software takes 2 minutes to install & bam, you're ready to view or edit your videos. Then, you can publish a movie with the included software. You can even share a video, email or publish to YouTube & other sites. Another bonus it that they work with PC or MACs.

Here's what I found out when they arrived. After I took the adorable little camera out of the package, I filmed, plugged it into my computer & had me a quickie movie published with music in about 5 minutes. Then after further tinkering, I see that you can import videos into other programs for further editing, if you need to (Windows Movie Maker, for example). Finally, you can also "snap" frames to print single photos (like a regular camera). Awesome. We'll be having some fun!