Sunday, November 16, 2008


Another unique & hilarious tale from Adam Selzer. The author takes the fervor that builds up around a spelling bee in a small town and weaves a tale of mystery, corruption and intrigue. The school in this small town is called Gordon Liddy Community School, the main character is Chrissie Woodward, and the principal declares "I am not a crook" near the end. If you're an adult, you're sensing the allusions to Watergate. If you're a kid, you may not be. Nevertheless, you'll enjoy the book either way. In fact, the day I brought the book home, my son grabbed it and commenced to read it all the way through in one sitting. Then a few days later, he read it again. I finally got my chance to read it and I enjoyed it as well.
Chrissie Woodward is the school cop, in a way. She's the hall monitor with all the special privileges that entails. She's been helping the administration by keeping an eye on the students and reporting any wrongdoings. However, as the all-school spelling bee approaches, she begins to witness occurrences that lead her to believe that the principal and teachers may be up to no good. She realizes that the students are actually the ones she needs to be looking out for. Through a series of depositions from the students and Inter-Office memos between the staff, readers are led through the small town of Preston's most memorable all-school spelling bee ever. Corruption will be rooted out!
This book has so many wonderful characters. For example, Mutual Scrivener is a home-schooled kid who is finally allowed to go to public school just because his parents think it's the only way he can enter the bee. They've been preparing him for the bee his whole life. But they're reluctant, because as they've been warning him his whole life, they believe the public school system corrupts and brainwashes kids. So, when Mutual attends his first day, he's actually excited to encounter some excitement for a change. But when he doesn't run into hooligans and gang members on his first day, he's terribly disappointed.
Fun, quirky & highly recommended!

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