Sunday, September 14, 2008

Suzanne Supplee. ARTICHOKE'S HEART

Rosemary feels like her life would be perfect if only she were skinny. And everyone around her seems to echo that sentiment. Her mother buys her a treadmill for Christmas, and her Aunt buys her tickets to a weight-loss seminar. It’s even more difficult when Rosemary works at her mom’s beauty salon, since Rosemary feels anything but beautiful. Watching all the skinny, pretty girls from school traipsing in and out everyday only makes her feel worse about herself. Then a few dramatic events happen to make Rosie reevaluate her life. She begins to stick to a plan that makes her begin to lose weight. But, she must do more than lose weight to lose her “fat” image of herself. Along with a few good friends, she does begin to find her value and begin to hope for the future.

Okay, I have to admit that the chocolate on the cover is what grabbed my attention! But this book is really lovely and well-written. It’s so honest about how many teenage girls feel about themselves, whether they are overweight or not. It’s also honest in the way it shows how you really can be loved by friends and boys, even if you aren’t perfect. That is such a wonderful sentiment for teenagers (and older girls) to learn and to internalize.

What a wonderful, inspirational book. The atmosphere and the southern charm really warmed my heart. Plus, it was funny!

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I’m looking forward to more from this charming author!