Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Kieran Scott. GEEK MAGNET

For some reason, KJ Miller attracts geeks. She has at least three of them who fawn all over her on a regular basis. First of all, Andy is constantly quizzing her about her favorite things to see how much they have in common. Then there’s Fred, who is always giving her gifts. And worst of all, there’s Glen who is always gawking at her chest when he talks to her. All KJ wants to do her stage manager job for the spring musical, GREASE, and not feel like she’ll be bombarded at any given moment by someone she’s not interested in. But, she’s nice. She can’t say anything to the guys. Enter Tama Gold, the star of the musical. She tries to coach KJ in handling the geeks. After just talking with Tama for a while, KJ begins to attract the attention of a totally-not geek, Cameron Richardson, school hottie. KJ thinks Tama maybe onto something. Will KJ be able to free herself of the geeks and be Cameron’s girlfriend? Read it and see.

Kieran Scott is awesome! Not only is she hilarious, but she has characterization down pat! When I read Andy’s dialogue, I can literally hear his voice in my head. I know exactly who this guy is! And she did a great job differentiating the geeks into three distinct personalities. They weren’t just stock geek characters.

Also, Scott wrote the balancing act of KJ’s drama at home with the light & fun atmosphere at school brilliantly, especially when the two intersect. All the characters were realistic. The plot was good. All around, it was an enjoyable read.

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