Sunday, August 31, 2008

Clare B. Dunkle. THE SKY INSIDE

The cover grabbed me from the beginning on this one. I didn't even read the book jacket description. I just dove right in!

Martin and his family live in a “perfect world.” It was designed by the previous generation because the world was in chaos. Very few, lucky people were chosen to live in the newly created suburbs under these domes. The sky is painted on. The fake snow & flowers are stuck to windows to designate the changing of seasons. They even play music of birds singing (there are no real animals). Every so often, the newest crop of engineered babies is advertised so that couples who are ready can order their baby. However, the Wonder Babies, the latest crop of babies, are asking too many questions. Perhaps they were bred too smart for their own good. One of these babies is Martin’s little sister Cassie, and when they come to take all of these babies away, Martin’s world turns upside down. He starts investigating and finding out information that freaks him out. Then he decides he must do something. It isn’t right to just take a whole generation away. This is an amazing futuristic novel with intriguing ideas about what science can and should do. Oh, did I mention Martin has the coolest dog ever! I don’t want to tell you too much & give the fun stuff away, but you will absolutely love his dog. Martin is pretty cool too.

I was most impressed at the freshness of this book,
especially since this sort of topic has been done many times. The idea of an idealistic futuristic society with hidden massive problems has been done for a long while. And that can be really tiresome. But, Ms. Dunkle was successful in keeping this new & fresh!

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I was excited to read that the she has just finished the sequel to THE SKY INSIDE called THE WALLS HAVE EYES. I’ll keep on the lookout for that one!